Voomly Cloud Reviews and Pricing 2023

Are you looking for an honest Voomly review? If yes, article is for you. Is Voomly the right platform for you? Is it worth the investment for your business? Let’s find out.

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, video content has become increasingly popular for individuals and businesses alike. Organizations are leveraging video content for various purposes. From delivering messages to boosting sales and engagement, they are unarguably one of the most powerful marketing mediums.

As a result, video-creating software has become an essential tool for those in the industry. Which brings us to the question, which is the best video hosting platform?

Voomly fits into this category by offering a comprehensive, feature-loaded space to host, create, and share all sorts of videos and digital content.

So, let’s explore the world of Voomly and learn more about its features, pricing, and benefits. In the end, there are also a few alternatives for those looking for something different.

Whether you are just stepping into digital marketing or are a seasoned pro, continue reading to determine whether Voomly is the ultimate solution for your business needs.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Voomly?

Voomly Cloud is a software suite subscription offered by Voomly. This video marketing platform focuses on providing tools for creating, sharing, and managing video content, including whiteboard animations for various purposes, such as entertainment, education, and digital campaigning.

The platform provides access to multiple apps and ensures hassle-free video creation and marketing without switching between different software at every step.

With Voomly, you get to enjoy six software under one cloud subscription. Yes, you read that right: everything under one roof!

Introduction to Voomly Cloud Apps

With Voomly Cloud, you can access the most popular tools like Doodly, Toonly, People Builder, Pyks, and Talkia in one subscription model. Whether you want to create a doodle video or an explainer video, give voiceover, or anything else, with Voomly Cloud, you can rest assured knowing that all can be done under one roof.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these tools individually.


Voomly is a video hosting platform with a lightning-fast video player and interactive sales tools for video marketing. It helps you launch high-converting content by creating an extremely effective video funnel to gather leads and sell all within the video.


Talkia is a text-to-speech program that makes it easy for anyone to create professional voiceovers. The app features hundreds of male and female voices and accents, helping you create the perfect-sounding voiceover in multiple languages.

It is perfect for audiobooks, training videos, educational videos, video sales letters (VSLs), and more! With Talkia, you can happily bid goodbye to slow turnover times, language barriers, and money wastage on expensive freelancers.


Pyks lets you create stunning graphics and eCovers to visually represent your service and products. With an incredible collection of 1,500,000+ royalty-free images, stock photos, and clip art that are easily searchable, you can quickly find the exact match for your needs.

Pyks helps attract a wider audience for your business and is a much-needed tool for course creators, intervened marketers, software sellers, authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs alike.


Toonly lets you create conversion-boosting cartoon explainer videos within minutes. And that, too, without learning coding or hiring expensive developers, editors, or video teams.

With a massive library containing tons of characters, backgrounds, and props related to every topic, the app lets you bring all your imaginary scenarios to reality.


Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that allows you to create realistic, professional whiteboard videos, regardless of your experience in the niche. It offers a great way to connect with your audience, boost retention, and get sales higher than ever before!

People Builder

People Builder lets you create custom characters for your Doodly videos that help tell stories and engage the audience. No design skills or tech necessary!

It gives you 100% creative control to create characters that meet your needs perfectly. You get to choose their gender, age, body size, skin tone, facial expression, poses, outfit, and more. With People Builder, you will never have to search for video characters ever again!

Features of Voomly Cloud

Voomly includes an extensive set of specs and marketing tools that can help create engaging content. Here is a list of some of its most star-stellar features:

Custom Video Player

For a more tailor-made and professional design, Voomly provides the option to customize your video player according to the theme of your website. You can switch up the color palette, insert your brand’s logo, add borders, change the video player size, and do much more to leave a long-lasting impression on the audience.

In-Video Chapters

With in-video chapters and timestamps, you can divide and link various sections of the video for easy navigation. These chapters are also a good tool to offer a glimpse of what’s coming next so that the viewers don’t lose attention or exit before the reveal of your call to action.

Interactive Video Closer

Voomly includes numerous interactive tools to boost customer engagement on your page. To encourage audience participation, you can use quizzes, annotations, surveys, and dedicated call-to-action buttons.

With Voomly’s features, you can interact with the customers by virtually meeting them to suggest the most direct path depending on where they stand and invite them to the next level.

‘Invisible’ Video Squeeze Player

Voomly not only engages and captures your viewer’s attention but also convinces them to share their emails and convert them into faithful customers.

Offer incentives such as a course, download, or partially lock the best part of your videos to encourage people to become a part of your journey without diverting their attention outside of your elemental video.

Lead Funnels

Lead Funnels are a useful way to help your business grow faster. These locate and capture potential leads and try to convert them into regular customers. Some other funnels, like sharegates, also boost publicity by requiring the watchers to share your video before granting them access to your content.

‘Silent Salesman’ Video Funnel

Voomly’s video funnel does precisely what a physical sales associate would do: show the customers the out-and-about of your business. It takes the visitors on an interactive, custom journey, lets them pick their path with the help of various calls to action and surveys, and helps them share their concerns, queries, and expectations.

Synchronized Animations

Another commendable feature of Voomly is its vast collection of animation tools for motion graphics and professional film effects. You can also choose from a variety of hand animations and styles to create hand-drawn elements and add a personalized touch to your content.

Additionally, the advanced, timeline-based editor of Voomly lets you insert and synchronize animations with music tracks so that the audio and video coincide perfectly.

Built-In Objects

Voomly is equipped with all the features every beginner editor needs when starting their new venture. The platform supports a vast collection of unique and easily adjustable video templates for your projects.

Along with this, Voomly also includes a magnificent library of stock media, including objects such as pictures, audio, shapes, and icons to ensure that all your design meets are met to the fullest.

Why you should try out Voomly Cloud

Apart from being equipped with innovative features, Voomly also benefits its users in many other aspects. Here is a quick look at them.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

Perfect for those who need to host numerous videos and extensive content creators, Voomly Cloud provides the ability to stream and upload unlimited videos without worrying about storage or bandwidth restrictions. This allows uninterrupted, smooth access to your content, regardless of the demand.

User-friendly and Secure Platform

Despite its advanced features, Voomly is actually relatively easy to understand and use, especially for first time users.

You can host videos, edit the video player, and play around with the funnels without requiring any prior knowledge or technical skills. The platform also promises 100% protection from piracy, fraudulent or unauthorized viewership.

Faster Load Time

Not only does Voomly allow you to upload multiple embedded videos on its platform, but it also guarantees an unmatched load time.

When compared with other video hosting services, Voomly has the fastest load time and offers rapid performance even during heavy traffic on the website.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics come in handy when deciding what is and isn’t working for your brand. Voomly gives you detailed and precise video insights to view the current engagement of your page and make data-driven decisions. You can see individual video statistics and filters to search based on location, browser, devices, or dates.

Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software are easily accessible from any device as long as they have a stable internet connection and a functioning web browser.

Voomly also falls under this category and enables users to easily share and work collaboratively on a project from remote locations. Its cloud-based service also rids you of the struggle of installing updates or facing compatibility problems when using specific devices.

Ad-free Video Hosting

Voomly promises ad-free video hosting services to ensure the viewer’s attention is not diverted or they are not annoyed while browsing your videos.

Integrated Video Hosting

Voomly Cloud is designed for seamless integration with multiple editing tools and marketing software for optimized ease, customization, and compatibility.

As mentioned above, this platform is integrated with popular creative software like Talkia, Pyks, Toonly, Doodly, People Builder, and Voomly’s standard versions. This enables its users to create, edit, and share engaging and interactive content all under one umbrella.

Customer Services

Have you encountered a technical problem or need help with any specific feature? Well, don’t worry because Voomly’s exceptional customer support services are only a message away.

An expert team is always ready to answer your queries and guide you whenever you face difficulty using the video hosting platform.

How To Use The Voomly Cloud?

While the thought of creating and publishing a video seems daunting at first, Voomly has made this process relatively simple and breezy.

Here’s what you need to do to host sales videos on Voomly:

Step 1: Sign Up For A Voomly Account

Visit the Voomly website, enter your required details, and choose between a free trial or other premium packages to create your account.

Step 2: Select A Video Template

Next, move towards the ‘My Videos’ dashboard and select the option to create a new video. You can pick a suitable template for your project from the library or start from scratch.

Step 3: Customize The Video

Add a personalized touch to your videos using the drag-and-drop interface to insert branding elements like animations, text, images, and videos. You can customize the background music, font style, and colors to match your project theme.

Step 4: Preview And Edit The Video

Always preview your video before publishing it on your website. At this stage, feel free to make any last-minute changes, add or delete certain scenes, change the sequence of the content, and adjust the background music as per your preference.

Step 5: Export And Publish The Video

Once you have finished the editing process, it is time to share your creation with the world. Export the video in any of the supported formats (MP4, GIF, etc.) and post it on your social media accounts or company website.

Voomly Pricing

Time to talk about the most crucial aspect of Voomly: how much to invest?

Voomly provides numerous plans and pricing options designed to suit various requirements, from basic users to professionals seeking advanced tools. This makes it much easier to select the option that best suits your needs.

Currently, Voomly offers five pricing plans for its customers.

Voomly Plus

Voomly Plus costs $19 per month. It includes the following features:

  • Video Sharing
  • 2TB cloud storage
  • 4K & HDR player
  • Custom branding
  • 10 player & border skins
  • Unlimited videos
  • 10 Video funnels
  • ​​​Unlimited bandwidth

​​​​​Voomly Cloud

Voomly Cloud costs $49 per month. It includes all the features of Voomly plus the following benefits to boost your business growth:

  • Video Sharing
  • 7TB cloud storage
  • 4K & HDR player
  • Custom​ branding
  • Unlimited player & border skins
  • ​Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited Video funnels
  • ​Unlimited bandwidth
  • ​​​​​​​​Free access to Standard versions of Voomly, Pyks, Toonly, Doodly, Talkia, and People Builder

Voomly Pro

Voomly Pro costs $79 per month. It includes all the features of Voomly Cloud, plus the following benefits to do video marketing at a larger scale:

  • Video Sharing
  • 10TB cloud storage
  • 4K & HDR player
  • Custom​ branding
  • Unlimited​ player & border skins
  • ​Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited Video funnels
  • ​Unlimited bandwidth
  • ​​​​​​​​Free access to Enterprise versions of Voomly, Pyks, Toonly, Doodly, Talkia, and People Builder

Voomly Basic

Voomly Basics costs $9 per month. It includes the following features:

  • 1TB cloud storage
  • 8 Player skins & 5 border skins
  • ​30 Videos ​
  • ​​​​3 Video funnels
  • 20GB bandwidth
  • ​Engagement, heatmaps & other analytics

Voomly Light

Voomly Light is free and includes the following features:

  • 250GB cloud storage
  • 1 Player skin & 1 border skin
  • ​5 Videos ​
  • 1 Video funnel
  • ​​​5GB bandwidth

​How do you choose the right Voomly plan?

You might wonder which Voomly plan to choose. Even when you receive some of the most amazing features in one place, it all comes down to your requirements and set budget.

Voomly Cloud is the most popular package, where you get access to all features for only $49 per month. It’s an excellent option for small startups and solo creators to get top-quality content out without spending much.

In contrast, Voomly Pro offers the Enterprise version of all softwares, along with an additional 10 TB Cloud Storage at the expense of a higher monthly cost. This package is valuable for established agencies and businesses that need to create a larger number of videos daily.

However, if you are just starting out or are still unsure if Voomly is the right match for you, we recommend going with Voomly Basic or Light. These packages are light on the pocket and provide access to sufficient tools to help come to a decision. The 14-day free trial further enables you to make up your mind and choose the best plan absolutely free of cost.

Who should use Voomly Cloud?

Voomly Cloud’s video hosting services are valid for a diverse set of people ranging from all categories. However, considering its features and pricing, they are most recommended and used by the following groups:

Content Creators and Digital Marketers

With its extensive features and built-in templates, Voomly Cloud is an excellent choice for editing and production of high-definition videos that leave a lasting impression on the viewers. Similarly, the application also facilitates digital marketers to create and share original content with their followers and boost their engagement with the audience.

Video Marketing Companies

Thanks to its cloud-based services and user-friendly interface, Voomly provides a hassle-free platform for management and collaboration on a video project. Marketing agencies use the app to work alongside their project partners, team members, and clients in order to create remarkable films in due time and budget.

E-commerce Businesses

Voomly Cloud is an excellent tool for helping e-commerce businesses and start-ups flourish in no time. It enables the users to design teasers and tutorials for the product’s launch along with other applicable visual content, attracting more consumers.

Marketing and Video Freelancers

Lastly, the easy-to-use controls and flexible pricing options make Voomly Cloud an ideal pick for video and marketing freelancers. The platform contains the right set of features that can help any marketer craft authentic and entertaining content per their client’s request.

Additionally, freelancers also use it to film, edit, collaborate, and share their creations with their clients and gain professional experience and exposure.

Top Voomly Cloud Alternatives

Looking for alternatives to the Voomly video hosting platform? Here are three of the top options to consider.


Spotlightr is a fast, reliable video hosting solution with advanced analytics and a suite of video marketing tools that help with outreach.

With more freedom over videos, more tools for promotion, the ability to control every aspect of video marketing, and the huge potential to convert, this all-in-one platform ticks all the right boxes.

Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, educator, or coach, opting for Spotlightr can help your business grow. What we particularly like about it is its user-friendly interface, fair pricing, and top-tier customer support, which makes the whole experience much simpler and smoother.


Wave.video is another powerful alternative to Voomly that offers a range of features and numerous benefits to its audience, making it a favorite among business owners.

What makes Wave.video stand out is its assortment of templates and editing tools, including filters, transitions, and text overlays that give your videos an edge over the competitors.

Detailed video analytics further help track engagement and measure the marketing campaign’s success. The information can be used to improve the existing strategies and optimize future videos.


Next up, we have Wistia, another thorough video marketing platform designed to help companies build their brand and expand their audience.

From their lead generation tools and brandable player to industry-leading analytics and customizable galleries, this hosting solution manages to deliver in every aspect.

What’s more, it allows you to make convenient edits on the go, record videos straight from your browser, and store your creations in the cloud with just a few clicks.

Wistia’s integration with other marketing software and collaboration with various sites make reaching the target customers much faster and easier.


Although Voomly Cloud is relatively new in the world of video hosting platforms, it has undoubtedly managed to leave a notable mark in the hearts of businessmen and digital content creators.

Its advanced marketing and editing tools, combined with an intuitive interface, built-in templates, and tons of customization options, make it an outstanding choice for both individuals and companies to create high-quality content in order to boost their sales and customer engagement.

So, what’s the wait? Get your hands on this hosting solution today to take your creations to new heights.