Text Chemistry Review: Text your way to his Heart

Text Chemistry is a dating and relationship program that shows you how you can use simple text messages in your dating to end the frustration, insecurity, and powerlessness you feel that arises from waiting for a man to love you or appreciate you. Instead of feeling as if you’re at the mercy of what a man says or does whether he’ll ask you out or call or make a commitment you will find men falling over themselves to be with you. And if you’re in a relationship, you will have access to simple text messages that will help you transform your relationship so that your man steps up and gives you all the romance and attention you’ve been craving even if things feel hopeless right now.

Created by relationship and dating expert Amy North, Text Chemistry provides you with magical text messages that makes almost any man psychologically addicted to you forever. These text messages are psychologically designed to make him obsess over you, crave you and love you like he’s never been in love before. These text message are design to work for you no matter you current relationship status. Here is a short video by Amy North that explains what these text messages are, how they work and samples you can start using immediately. Make sure to watch the video to the end.

A man doesn’t want a woman fussing over him or constantly trying to make him feel at ease, or show him that she’s interested especially when he’s not sure yet about the relationship. But it’s hard to resist doing all those things, especially when a man has stepped back or has stopped paying as much attention as he used to for no apparent reason whatsoever. So how to you reconnect with a man without appearing desperate or needy? Text Chemistry is a subtle way of gaining a man’s attention and have him chase you again while making it look like it’s his whole idea all along.

When a man seems distant or just not as concerned about you as he used to be, it can make you feel so afraid and powerless. You don’t want him to slip away. You don’t want to feel so insecure. You want to know what’s wrong – if it’s you or something else. Most of all, you want to do SOMETHING to fix things. While this is natural, it’s important to know that how you approach the situation will determine the future of your relationship with your man. In Text Chemistry, Amy reveals the right way to approach the situation and how to use a simple text message to draw your man back.

The Key to making a man fall in love with you and stay in love with you is his attention. When you truly capture a man’s attention, he can’t stop thinking about you. That means when you’re with him, his mind is practically glued to you. When he looks at you, he will feel like he is bathing in warm sunlight. And when you’re apart, he’s constantly thinking about where you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re thinking. Text Chemistry gives you the tools to capture his heart and make him fall in love with you and keep loving you.

Who is Amy North?

It is true that some people have over time developed the skill and art of writing special kinds of text messages that instantly transforms relationships positively. So usually there are well drafted text messages that you can send right this moment to your man or any man of your choice that will instantly unleash a hidden desire and attraction for you. In fact, he will be constantly thinking about you or literally crave to see you or just talk to you or relax in your arms.

Amy North, an expert in dating and relationships has once again released a new product that is helping a lot of women win back the lovers. This product is for all women; those who are single, also for those in relationships or women who are frantically trying to win back their ex.


Text Chemistry is a relationship program designed by Amy North. It teaches how to write magical text messages that will effortlessly make any man intimately addicted to you forever. There is a proof that these well and carefully drafted text messages have worked on men who are typically cold and distant. It will transform the perception they hold towards the woman and ignite loads of emotions and love.

Are you currently in the moment in your life trying to get his attention? Most men do not want a woman constantly and usually in the very early stages of friendship showing a desire for an intimate interest. This is more often than not true when the man is not very sure about the relationship. Truth be told, I guess it is very hard to resist doing all these things, especially when the man doesn’t show any interest or his interest has waned down.  Text Chemistry by Amy North will not only guide and teach you on how to get your man or any man but will instill in you the skill and techniques to apply so that your man literally craves for your attention and intimacy.


 It is a very unpleasant feeling or place to be when a man you constantly and hold dear to your heart promises to call or meet you and fails to do so. What even makes it worse sometimes, he will even not call to apologize for not calling you as promised or standing you  up. When a man behaves like this, a woman begins to have all sort of ideas and thoughts. You wonder if he really cares or may be he forgot or was just too busy. Sometimes you entertain the worse thoughts and you finally ask yourself if he has lost interest or has fallen in love with another lady?

In this program, we will teach you how to text message a man so that he wont ignore you. These messages are thoughtfully and specially drafted to send loads of emotional chills to a man’s mind and soul to a stage of complete obsession for you. You’ll also learn about “E-Glow Text” a text that holds a man’s mind from ever wandering too far away from you and instead thinks about you constantly. We will also introduce the “Game on” and “Supernova” text messages, created to fill his mind with the same kind of lovely and emotional excitement when he first met you.

In this program, you will also learn about the “Tantalizing Seduction Text”. This brings to life and reality the kind of emotional display you only witness in moves like 50 shades of grey. It will work like magic and create an instant desire in him to be in your arms, holding you by the waist and hips     and fantasizing about what will happen between the two of you tonight.


You will learn among other very important things the techniques you need to learn how to communicate with a man in a way he will not only listen, but pay rapt attention and take notice. His actions will show and prove to you that he acts very different when he is around you, in deed, he will put on his best of behaviour when it comes to you. He will effortlessly draw closer to you, pull you toward him and pursue you. The feeling of being “clingy” and  “needy” to him will end. You will be treated with respect and love, you will feel precious and very irresistible. Your man will just be in a position of desiring to spend more time with you. Text Chemistry is for you if you desire to bring back the spark in your relationship, or for your man to be completely devoted to you. This program will aid you to transform your relationship with your man and have your man literally begging for your attention and showering loads of love to you.

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