Midjourney Review: How to use Midjourney AI

Midjourney, Inc., a San Francisco-based independent research lab, unveiled the revolutionary generative artificial intelligence program known as Midjourney AI. This groundbreaking technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to translate text descriptions into visually stunning images, providing a versatile tool for artists, advertisers, architects, and various other professionals. Similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E, Midjourney AI has gained recognition for its ability to bring text instructions to life. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the history, versions, features, controversies, and diverse applications of Midjourney AI.


Midjourney, Inc. was founded in San Francisco, California, by David Holz, a co-founder of Leap Motion. The platform embarked on its open beta journey on July 12, 2022, with a unique approach – leveraging collaboration with users who contributed high-quality images for system training via platforms like Twitter and Reddit.


Midjourney AI’s evolution is marked by a series of model versions, each representing significant advancements in its capabilities. These iterations have played a pivotal role in refining image generation and stylization within the Midjourney ecosystem. Version 1 (February 2022) marked the beginning of Midjourney’s AI artistry. Version 2 (April 2022) introduced refinements that expanded creative horizons. Version 3 (July 2022) enhanced the quality and diversity of generated images. Version 4 (November 2022) ventured into alpha testing, exploring new dimensions of creative possibilities. Version 5 (Alpha, March 2023) further refines prompt understanding and delivers impressive results.



Release date



February 2022



April 12, 2022



July 25, 2022



November 5, 2022 (alpha)



March 15, 2023 (alpha)



May 3, 2023



June 22, 2023

Uses of Midjourney AI

Midjourney AI is a flexible technology with uses in the arts, advertising, and architecture. By facilitating quick artistic concept development, it fosters effective client involvement. By making it possible to provide personalised content, it transforms e-commerce marketing in the world of advertising. It is used by architects for mood boards and novel visual ideas. Discussions about AI’s place in the creative industry, however, have been sparked by worries about the devaluation of art and job displacement. Nevertheless, Midjourney is a disruptive force in the art world because it combines artificial intelligence and human brilliance.

How to use Midjourney AI

Creating Images with Midjourney AI

Access Midjourney on Discord

Begin your creative journey by accessing the Midjourney Bot on Discord. You can do this through a web browser, the mobile app, or the desktop app. However, please ensure that you have a verified Discord account before proceeding to join the Midjourney Discord server.

Here are the steps to create or verify your Discord account:

Subscribing to a Midjourney Plan

To unleash the creative potential of Midjourney AI and begin generating captivating images, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the available plans. Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official Midjourney website at Midjourney.com/account.
  • Sign in using your verified Discord account, which you’ve set up in the previous step.
  • Browse through the selection of subscription plans, each tailored to different needs and preferences.
  • For further details on prices and features offered with each plan tier, visit the Subscription Plans section. Choose the strategy that is in line with your criteria and creative aims.
Image showing the Manage Subscription page for a Midjourney Subscriber


By going to https://www.midjourney.com/account/, you may easily cancel your subscription at any moment. Remember that cancellations become effective at the end of the current billing cycle. Up to the end of the current billing cycle, you can continue to take use of membership features including access to the community gallery and the bulk download tool.

Image showing the Manage and Cancel Plan Popup for a Midjourney Subscriber

Join the Midjourney Server on Discord

You must join the Midjourney Server on Discord to start your journey with the Midjourney Bot and start producing stunning images. Follow these simple instructions:

image showing step one and two of joining the Midjourney Discord Server
image showing step three of joining the Midjourney Discord Server
  • Open Discord and look for the server list located on the left-hand sidebar of your screen.
  • At the bottom of the server list, you’ll find a “+” button. Click on it.
  • A pop-up window will appear. In this window, click the “Join a Server” button.
  • Now, either paste or manually type the following URL into the provided field: http://discord.gg/midjourney
  • After entering the URL, click the “Join” button to become a member of the Midjourney Server on Discord. This will grant you access to the powerful Midjourney Bot and its creative capabilities.

Find the Appropriate Channel for Generating Images

Master the Art of AI Imagery: How to Use Midjourney

Once you’ve successfully joined the Midjourney server on Discord, you’ll be greeted with a list of various channels on the server. It’s essential to choose the right channel to create images effectively.

On the Midjourney Server:

Locate the “general-#” or “newbie-#” channels on the Midjourney Server itself. For beginners to start your creative adventure with the Midjourney Bot, these specific channels have been created. Just keep in mind that the Midjourney Bot will only produce images on the channels that it has been assigned to.

On Other Servers:

If you are on a different Discord server that has invited the Midjourney Bot, you can still harness its image-generation capabilities. However, the process may vary depending on the server’s setup. Be sure to refer to any instructions or guidelines provided within that specific server to identify the appropriate channel for using the Midjourney Bot effectively. This ensures a smooth experience when generating images in various Discord communities.

Understanding Discord Commands

You’ll need to utilise particular commands in order to communicate properly with the Midjourney Bot on Discord. With the help of these instructions, you can make images, change the default settings, get user information, and perform other crucial operations. The “/imagine” command, which is essential for producing distinctive visuals from brief text descriptions known as “Prompts,” is one of the important commands you’ll use.

How to Utilize the /imagine Command

1. Enter the Command:

Begin by typing “/imagine prompt:” into the message field on Discord. Alternatively, you can choose the “/imagine” command from the list of slash commands that appears when you type ‘/’.

2. Describe Your Image:

In the prompt field, provide a description of the image you wish to generate.

3. Send Your Message:

Once you’ve entered your text prompt, send the message. The Bot will then interpret your description and initiate the image generation process.

4. Respect Community Guidelines:

Please bear in mind that community guidelines apply wherever the Midjourney Bot is employed. Be sure to adhere to these guidelines while using the bot.

Accept the Terms of Service


The Midjourney Bot will ask you to accept the Terms of Service before it generates any photos. Before you start the image generating process, you must accept these terms, as is the case with most of the online tools you use these days.

Image Generation Process

Once you’ve submitted a text prompt, the Midjourney Bot will begin processing your request. Within approximately a minute, it will generate four distinct image options for you. This process leverages advanced Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), and it’s important to note that each image generation contributes to the GPU time allocated with your Midjourney subscription. You can keep track of your available GPU time, referred to as “Fast Time Remaining,” by utilizing the /info command.

Upscale or Create Variations

Once your initial image grid has been generated, you’ll notice two rows of buttons below the grid to enhance your creative process.

U1 U2 U3 U4 Image Selection and Upscale:

These “U” buttons were used in early iterations of Midjourney to upscale photos. The most recent model, however, automatically generates photos at their largest size. The ‘U’ buttons now have a new function, which is to assist you in finding and choosing your chosen image from the grid. This makes downloading easier and gives users access to more creation and editing capabilities.

🔄 Re-run or Re-roll a Job:

You can run a job again by pressing the 🔄 button. In this situation, it would cause the initial request to create a fresh grid of photos to be executed.

V1 V2 V3 V4 Image Variation:

The “V” buttons can be used to create different versions of the chosen image. Each button creates a fresh image grid while keeping the general look and composition of the selected picture, providing fascinating new options for your artistic endeavours.

Enhance or Modify Your Image

Image of the Midjourney Discord button interface after upscaling an images

Once you’ve selected an image, you’ll have access to an extended set of options to enhance or modify it according to your preferences.

🪄 Vary (Strong) 🪄 Vary (Subtle)

Create a stronger or more subtle variation of your chosen image by generating a new grid of four options.

🔍 Zoom Out 2x 🔍 Zoom Out 1.5x 🔍 Custom Zoom

Zoom out of your image, expanding the canvas to its original boundaries without altering the original content. The newly expanded canvas will be filled based on the guidance from your prompt and the original image.

⬅️ ➡️ ⬆️ ⬇️ Pan Buttons

The Pan buttons allow you to expand the canvas of an image in a chosen direction without changing the content of the original image. The newly expanded canvas will be filled in using guidance from the prompt and the original image.


❤️ Tag your best images for easy retrieval on the Midjourney website.

Web ↗️

Open the image in your gallery on Midjourney.com, providing you with further options and accessibility.

Save Your Image

To save your generated image, follow these steps:

1. Click on the image to open it in full size.

2. Right-click on the image.

3. Choose “Save image” from the context menu.

On mobile devices:

1. Long-tap the image you want to save.

2. Tap the download icon located in the top-right corner.

Your saved images will be immediately accessible for viewing on midjourney.com/app.

Functionalities of Midjourney

As discussed elaborately, Midjourney AI allows users to create images through the “/imagine” command and a provided prompt, currently accessible through a Discord bot. Many other useful features can help one master the AI tool called Midjourney. Let’s delve into them one by one.

Vary Regions of the image

You can alter the regions of the created image after it has been generated and upscaled as previously stated. To access the editing interface, click the Vary (Region) button.

An upscaled image generated by the Midjourney Bot using the prompt "colored pencil chipmunk wearing a crown" the Vary Region button is highlighted in blue.
The Midjourney Vary Region user interface showing an active selection made using the selection tool
A grid of images generated by the Midjourney Bot using the prompt colored pencil squirrel wearing a crown to modify an existing image of a squirrel wearing a crown

To pick the areas to be regenerated, use the freehand or rectangular selection tools in the Editor’s lower left. Your outcomes will depend on the size of your selection. Greater selections allow the Midjourney Bot greater freedom to come up with fresh, original ideas. Smaller choices will lead to smaller, more subtle alterations. After submission, the outcome will be shown with the modified regions.

Additionally, Midjourney AI has a Remix Mode with Vary Region function that lets you specify the content you wish to produce in the selected regions through a new prompt. Your updated prompt should be focused on the new or altered details.

The Midjourney InPaint Editor user interface showing an active selection made using the freehand selection tool
A grid of images generated by the Midjourney Bot using the prompt mountain stream lithograph to modify an existing image of a meadow trail

Control Speed of the Image Generations

By using the /settings command and selecting Relax, Fast, or Turbo from the menu, the user can regulate the speed of image generation. Instead of changing their chosen option, Standard, Pro, and Mega plan users can use the —relax, —fast, or —turbo parameters at the end of a prompt to run a single job in Relax, Fast, or Turbo mode. Following is a brief note on the three modes:

  • /relax: Jobs in Relax mode are placed in a queue to be processed as GPUs become available. Wait times for Relax are dynamic but generally range between 0–10 minutes per job. If you use Relax mode occasionally, you will have shorter wait times compared to subscribers that have used it more. This priority currently resets whenever you renew your monthly subscription.
  • /fast: Switch to Fast mode using this command. Midjourney AI leverages powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to swiftly process your image prompts. When you subscribe to Midjourney, you essentially gain access to these GPUs, and the amount of GPU time you have each month depends on your chosen subscription plan.

This monthly allocation of GPU time is referred to as “Fast Mode” time. Fast Mode is designed to provide you with quick GPU access and is the default processing tier for all subscribers. It utilizes the GPU time included in your subscription plan.

On average, a typical job processed by the Midjourney bot takes approximately one minute of GPU time to generate an image. However, certain factors may influence the processing time, such as upscaling an image, using non-standard aspect ratios, or working with older Midjourney Model Versions, which may require more GPU time.

  • /turbo : Turbo Mode is available for subscribers who want extremely quick image generation. Turbo mode uses a high-speed experimental GPU pool. Jobs run in Turbo mode generate up to four times faster but consume twice as many subscription GPU minutes as a typical Fast Mode Job.

Turbo mode is only available with Midjourney Model Versions 5, 5.1, and 5.2.

If Turbo mode is selected, but the GPUs are unavailable, or it is incompatible with the selected model version, your job will run in Fast Mode instead.

Turbo Mode is an experimental feature, and availability and price may change at any time.

The Remix Mode

How to Use the Remix Function in Midjourney V4 | by John Walter 📣 | AI Art  Creators | Medium
Image showing the Midjourney Prefer Remix Command

Midjourney AI’s Remix Mode allows users to make dynamic changes to prompts, parameters, model versions, or aspect ratios when creating image variations. This new feature allows you to change the essence of your original image while keeping the fundamental composition intact. Whether you want to change the setting, lighting, topic, or build complicated compositions, Remix Mode makes it simple.

Using Remix Mode:

You have two choices for activating Remix Mode. You can use the “/prefer remix” command or go to the “/settings” command and toggle the Remix Mode button. Remix Mode, when enabled, changes the behaviour of the variation buttons (V1, V2, V3, V4) located beneath the image grids. When you enable Remix Mode, these buttons change green instead of blue, indicating that you can now edit your prompt during each variant. You can simply select Make Variations to create variations with an upscale element.

Switching Model Versions:

An exciting aspect of Remix Mode is its flexibility in switching between Model Versions. This feature allows you to experiment with different AI models to achieve your desired results.

Deactivating Remix:

When you’re finished using Remix Mode, simply employ the “/settings” or “/prefer remix” command to turn it off.

Using Parameters with Remix:

In Remix Mode, you have the option to add or remove parameters as you see fit. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you use valid parameter combinations. Attempting to modify a prompt in a way that creates an incompatible combination, such as changing from “–version 3” to “–version 4” for a particular prompt, will result in an error. This error occurs because Midjourney Model Version 4 may be incompatible with certain parameters.

Only parameters that normally influence variations will work while using Remix:

The Blend Mode

Image showing the discord app interface for the Midjourney /blend command

Midjourney AI debuted a revolutionary “Blend Mode” function, which allows users to seamlessly combine the concepts and aesthetics of two to five photographs to create fascinating and original compositions. This application allows you to create unique graphics by mixing visual aspects from several source images.

Text Prompts and /blend:

It’s worth noting that “/blend” is only intended for image prompts and does not support text prompts. If you want to combine text and image prompts, use “/imagine” to combine image and text prompts.

How to use /blend:

When you enter the “/blend” command, you will be asked to upload at least two photos. You can easily add more photos by selecting “image3,” “image4”, or “image5” from the optional “options” column. Please keep in mind that the “/blend” command may take somewhat longer to process than other commands since your photographs must be submitted before the Midjourney Bot can begin the blending process.

Aspect Ratio Customization:

Blended photos often have a 1:1 aspect ratio by default. However, you have the option of adjusting this aspect ratio to your liking. You can choose between square (1:1), portrait (2:3), and landscape (3:2) aspect ratios for your blended compositions by using the optional “dimensions” box. Aspect ratios supplied in custom suffixes take precedence over those specified in the “/blend” command.

It is recommended that you upload images that have the same aspect ratio as your desired goal for the best results. This alignment improves the blending process and guarantees that your blended photos look well together.

Midjourney AI’s Blend Mode is a powerful tool for artists, creators, and enthusiasts who want to explore new horizons of creativity by smoothly blending the visual features of several images.

Useful Commands List

You can use a variety of commands provided by Midjourney to access various functionalities that will improve your experience with this application.

  • /ask: Get a response to a query.
  • /daily_theme: Toggle notification pings for the #daily-theme channel update
  • /docs: Use in the official Midjourney Discord server to quickly generate a link to topics covered in the official user guide of the Midjourney AI.
  • /describe: You can upload an image and get four potential prompts based on it with the /describe command. Use the /describe command to explore new vocabulary and aesthetic movements. It cannot be used to precisely duplicate an uploaded image, but it does produce inspirational and suggestive prompts. Additionally, it provides the aspect ratio for any submitted photos.
  • /faq: To rapidly generate a link to popular prompt craft channel FAQs, use in the official Midjourney Discord server.
  • /help: Displays important fundamental information and tips concerning the Midjourney Bot.
  • /info: View information about your account and any queued or running jobs.
  • /stealth: Midjourney is an open-by-default community, and all image generations are visible at midjourney.com, including images created in private discord servers, direct messages, and on the Midjourney web app.

Subscribers to the Pro Plan have access to Stealth Mode to prevent their images from being visible to others on the Midjourney website. The /stealth and /public commands toggle between Stealth and Public mode.

  • /public: Subscribers to the Pro Plan have access to Public Mode to toggle between Stealth and Public mode.
  • /subscribe: Generate a personal link for a user’s account page.
  • /settings: View and adjust the Midjourney Bot’s settings.
  • /prefer: Create custom options using prefer commands to add commonly used parameters to the end of prompts automatically.
    • /prefer option: Create or manage a custom option.
    • /prefer option list: View your current custom options.
    • /prefer suffix: specify a suffix to add to the end of every prompt.
    • /prefer variability: Toggle between High and Low variations when using the V1 V2 V3 and V4 buttons underneath an image grid.
  • /shorten: Submit a long prompt and get recommendations on how to make it shorter.
  • /show: You can use the /show command with the unique Job ID to move a job to another server or channel, revive a lost job, or refresh an old job to make new variations, upscale, or use newer parameters and features.

Top 8 Tips for Maximizing Your Midjourney Experience

Using Midjourney for AI art generation can be an exciting adventure, but it’s critical to get the most out of this powerful tool. Whether you’re a new or seasoned user, these pointers will help you maximise the possibilities of Midjourney:

  1. Keep Your Prompts Simple and to the point:

When creating Midjourney prompts, be detailed while remaining concise. Overburdening it with information can result in unexpected or undesirable outcomes. Begin with a few easy words and experiment to learn how it perceives keywords.

  1. Utilize Styles and Mediums:

Use styles and mediums in your prompts to up your creative game. Midjourney can be instructed to generate art in specific styles, such as “imagine this in the style of Japanese Lofi,” or you can utilize mediums such as “line art” to achieve unique artistic outcomes.

  1. Combine Ideas:

By integrating diverse thoughts in your prompts, you can create intriguing artwork. Instead of merely seeking a cat, try “PubG Cat” for more targeted and intriguing results.

  1. Make Use of Lighting for Impact:

Effective use of lighting can elevate your artwork. Start by adding lighting instructions to your prompts, like “imagine this with cinematic lighting,” to enhance the overall appeal of your creations.

  1. Experiment with Stylize Tags:

The “-stylize” tag allows Midjourney to take creative liberties with your prompt. Adjust the stylize value to influence the abstractness of your images. Higher values result in more abstract creations.

  1. Use Negative Keywords:

Negative keywords should be used to control the content of your images. For example, you may type “forest -no animals” to get an image of a forest with no animals. Negative keywords can help you fine-tune your outputs.

  1. Master Midjourney Multiprompt:

Use double colons (::) to separate terms in your prompts. This is especially useful when dealing with terms that could be misconstrued when combined. It helps Midjourney understand your intent better.

  1. Explore Different Aspect Ratios:

With the “-ar” tag, you can change the aspect ratio of your image. Midjourney provides flexibility for creative projects, whether you choose widescreen (16:9), vertical (2:3), or aspect ratios.

You may unlock your artistic potential and create magnificent AI-generated art by following these instructions and exploring the possibilities of Midjourney. For the best outcomes, keep trying and tracking your progress.

Midjourney AI Review

In conclusion, Midjourney AI is a fantastic tool that has revolutionised the field of digital art creation. Its ground-breaking approach to AI-generated art enables creators of all levels to bring their visions to life in fresh and interesting ways. We’ve addressed a wide range of topics to assist readers get the most out of their Midjourney experience, from the need of drafting clear directions to utilizing styles, materials, and lighting.

This platform provides up a world of opportunities and lets users experiment with various ideas, aesthetics, and aspect ratios. There is no end to the creative potential, and as Midjourney develops, we can look forward to even more intriguing features and capabilities in the future.

Keep in mind that Midjourney is a tool that supports human creativity as we dive deeper into the world of AI art generation. It serves as a blank canvas for your thoughts, allowing your imagination to soar. You’ll learn more about the enchantment that Midjourney AI brings to the realm of art as you explore and experiment.

So, whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone just embarking on this creative journey, embrace Midjourney with enthusiasm and curiosity. The future of AI-generated art is bright, and with Midjourney, you have a front-row seat to witness its transformation. As you continue to explore and create, you’ll discover that the only limit to your artistic expression is the boundless horizon of your imagination.