What Happened to 15.ai? Top Alternatives to Use

15.ai has firmly established itself in the realm of text-to-speech conversion. However, The 15.ai website is presently under construction, rendering the text-to-speech software temporarily unavailable.

Due to the occasional service interruptions, users seek assistance from alternative tools. So, which tools can be used instead of 15.ai?

Let’s learn what happened to 15.ai? Top Alternatives to Use.

What Happened to 15.ai?

The 15.ai Voice Generator was temporarily deactivated on September 8,

2022 for an impending update. As of August 2023, it remains offline but will be relaunched with the latest improvements.

Since they are out of service, users look for an alternative to it.

Here are the top 3 alternatives to use.

1# Murf.ai

Murf.ai, a leading text-to-speech software, empowers users to generate voice overs using its extensive library of 120+ natural-sounding voices across 20+ languages.

This cost-effective solution offers various features, including voice modulation, cloning, and customizable parameters like pitch, emphasis, speed, volume, and pronunciation, streamlining the voiceover creation process.

By utilizing Murf, individuals can save time and money compared to the traditional approach of hiring a voice actor, arranging script recording, booking a recording studio, and outsourcing audio editing to an engineer.

Key Features

  1. Background Music Integration: Easily add background music to your voiceovers.
  2. Voice Cloning: Replicate your preferred voice for personalized narration.
  3. Noise Reduction and Voice Transformation: Remove unwanted noise and elevate recorded voices into professional AI-enhanced quality.
  4. Collaborative Workspaces: Facilitate teamwork by allowing multiple users to collaborate, edit, and contribute to projects.
  5. API Access: Integrate Murf.ai seamlessly into your applications and workflows for extended functionality.


  1. Enjoy an array of character voices without limitations across various plans.
  2. Download audio content without any restrictions, ensuring unlimited access.
  3. Experience top-notch audio quality with lifelike characteristics.


  1. The pricing structure for this tool is relatively high, ranging from $0 to $75.


Free Version: $0

Explore all 120+ voices, no downloading capability, 10 minutes for voice generation and transcription, single user access.

Basic Plan: $19 per user per month; $228 billed annually

Access 60 voices in 10 languages, commercial usage rights, limitless downloads, collaborative workspace, and an 8000+ soundtrack library.

Pro Plan: $26 per user per month; $312 billed annually

Enjoy all 120+ voices in 20+ languages, commercial usage rights, collaborative workspace, 8000+ soundtracks, priority support, and a voice changer feature.

Enterprise Plan: $75 per user per month; $4500 billed annually

Unlimited downloads, access to all 120+ voices in 20+ languages, commercial usage rights, a dedicated account representative, voice changer, voice cloning, unrestricted voice generation and storage, deletion recovery, and much more.

2# Uberduck

Uberduck is a versatile text-to-speech service combining a celebrity voice repository with advanced AI voice synthesis capabilities.

As an open-source platform, it excels in text-to-speech, voice cloning, and voice automation, enabling users to replicate the voices of celebrities, animated characters, and more for incorporation into their videos.

With an extensive collection encompassing rappers like Kanye West, Drake, and 21 Savage and beloved fictional personas like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin and Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Uberduck TTS boasts a rich catalog of over two thousand distinct voices.

Key Features

  • Image generation capabilities
  • Versatile for various creative endeavors
  • API for personalized voice training using users voice samples
  • Private voice clone option


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Text-to-image conversion
  • Users can customize the pitch and speed of the voice
  • API


  • Only supports limited languages like English, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and Polish


Free Plan

Users can use it for non-commercial use. Also, you can have Private voice access. Moreover, 300 render credits per month are available in the Free plan.

Creator: $96 per year

Users can access private voices and API. You can use it for commercial purposes. Other features are lower latency, AI generated raps and 3600 render credits per month.

Enterprise: $500 per year

Includes everything available in the Creator plan, plus voice cloning, the ability to clone your face, Twilio integration, dedicated customer support, templated audio generation, and much more..

3# Play.ht

Play.ht is a versatile text-to-speech software that converts text or documents into speech across numerous languages.

With an extensive library encompassing 900+ voices in over 140 languages, Play.ht sets itself apart by offering exceptional voice quality and extensive customization options, elevating the quality of voice overs.

Notably, Play.ht has introduced ultra-realistic voices tailored for diverse applications such as e-books, podcasts, IVR systems, and beyond, further enhancing its suitability for various use cases.

Key Features

  • Voice cloning enables users to replicate their preferred voices.
  • Customization options for voice parameters such as speed, pitch, pauses, and emphasis.
  • Team collaboration capabilities.


  • Flexibility to modify word pronunciations.
  • Access to commercial usage rights.
  • Availability of tailored enterprise plans.


  • Unlimited voice generation is exclusive to the premium plan.
  • Customer support is rated as average.


Free Plan: $0

Creator: $31.2 per month. $374.4 billed annually

600,000 words/year, 15 instant voice clones and many more.

PRO: $49.50/month, $594 billed annually

2,400,000 words/year, 50 instant voice clones, 1 High Fidelity Clone, etc.

Enterprise: Contact Support and Book a Demo

Everything in PRO Plan, volume voice cloning, Team Access, Customized Voice Cloning.


Can I use 15.ai text-to-speech for commercial purposes?

The usage policy for 15.ai’s text-to-speech service may differ, necessitating a thorough review of the platform’s terms and conditions. Some voices or characters may have copyright protection, so securing the requisite rights or permissions for commercial use is imperative.

Which Character Voices Are Supported by 15.ai?

15.ai offers a variety of character voices, such as Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony, SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants, Wheatley from Portal, Jane Lane from Daria, and many others.


While 15.ai may no longer be accessible, a vast array of exceptional software alternatives exists, including Murf.ai, Uberduck, etc..

15.ai has undeniably carved a niche in the realm of text-to-speech conversion. However, occasional service unavailability necessitates seeking assistance from other tools. The aforementioned substitutes for 15.ai are valuable and provide equivalent services.